Crash Team Racing on PS1 can now be played online!

Jun 2, 2024 | Game Mods, Gaming News

OnlineCTR - play CTR online

After 5 Years, OnlineCTR Makes Debut: A Milestone in CTR Modding

After half a decade of meticulous research and development, OnlineCTR has finally reached a significant milestone, offering Crash Bandicoot fans the chance to immerse themselves in its gameplay. This achievement is the culmination of dedicated efforts from the modding and decompile team, augmented by the expertise of network engineers and invaluable feedback from 100+ beta testers and volunteer server hosts.

Enthusiasts can now access OnlineCTR through the DuckStation emulator, serving as the platform for the foreseeable future, with plans underway for a dedicated PC port, already 73% completed.

Check out the announcement video here:

Recent contributions from key individuals such as Niko, Tezca, Pampa, PedroHLC, Faradise, Claud, and Matt(psio) have played a pivotal role in advancing the project, enhancing its functionality and user experience.

OnlineCTR holds the brilliant distinction of being the longest-running mod in the history of Crash Team Racing modding, serving as the original inspiration for the decompile project, which traces its roots back to the Cheat Engine era!

The trailer showcases footage from a globally distributed network, highlighting minimal latency despite players being situated in different countries. Furthermore, the support for private server hosting enables LAN connections, promising an immersive multiplayer experience for CTR enthusiasts. 60fps is possible too.

For enthusiasts equipped with 8 monitors and a crazy CPU, OnlineCTR offers support for localhost connections, allowing up to eight instances of DuckStation to engage in multiplayer gameplay on a single computer, ensuring a lag-free experience. That’s probably not going to be too common but it’s still cool that they implemented it! You can even play as Nitrous Oxide, a character not available to play without hacking in the original game. 

While this marks the initial public release of OnlineCTR, the development team has promised ongoing updates and feature enhancements. Earlier in the year, CTR was made available to be played in Widescreen with essentially no pop-in or significant glitches:

Interested players are encouraged to join the OnlineCTR Discord community to stay informed and engage with the project’s development.

As OnlineCTR grows, players are invited to explore its offerings and anticipate further developments (Crash Nitro Kart levels are planned in the future) as the project continues to evolve. Head to their website by clicking the button below:

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