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What is Spyro Tournaments / International Spyro Grand Prix?

In 2018, CrystalFissure and Nintendogen64 decided to create a new series of tournaments for the Spyro the Dragon series of video games. These tournaments are primarily revolved around races between two or more competitors.

The Spyro Tournaments banner hosts tournaments such as “International Spyro Grand Prix“, and “Spyro Speedruns Cup“.

Spyro Tournaments Logo | Spyro Speedruns Website
Spyro Speedrun between CrystalFissure & Mayodr

What is a speedrun?

A race is the concept of having two or more people compete with one another in a single player game instead of a single, split-screen, or multiplayer speedrun.

This is the basis behind the many speedruns seen in I’m A Speedrunner and this community. A race is often done live either in the same room or more commonly over a VoIP program and a proposed game and objective for the speedrun is decided upon in advance.

The nature of the speedruns for these tournaments are of a more casual nature, prioritising “weird” runs over any% or 100% runs. Read more on the rules page.

Current Tournament:

International Spyro Grand Prix 4 has begun!

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