Play as Japanese Crash Bandicoot in Crash Tag Team Racing

Jun 21, 2022 | Guides & Tips

Crash Tag Team Racing - Japanese Crash

There’s a cool easter egg in the English versions of Crash Tag Team Racing. In Japan, Crash Bandicoot on the game covers and generally in the marketing, looks different compared to the rest of the world’s model. For Crash Tag Team Racing, Radical Entertainment decided to put that model in-game for the first time ever. The only other time you can play as Japanese style crash is in Crash Boom Bang, as that was a game developed in Japan.

If you want to see Japanese Crash in the custom skins however, you’ll need to own the Japanese version of the game.

How to unlock Japanese Crash Bandicoot

On the start screen, hold L1 and L1 and press Square, Circle, Square, Circle. If done correctly the player will hear a chime. The skin can be available for either Adventure Mode or Multiplayer mode. But when players enter the code, they will find the normal Crash which they are trying to race in Adventure Mode will have no pupils, strangely enough!

Have you ever played as Japanese Crash before? If so, do you prefer the model to the original one?

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