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What is “Slowed and Reverb?”

Slowed and Reverb (stylised as “slowed + reverb”) is a technique of remixing and a subgenre, derived from chopped and screwed hip-hop and vaporwave, which involves slowing down and adding reverb to a previously existing song, often created by using digital audio editors such as Audacity & Logic Pro (or any other DAW, really).

The technique originated in 2017, when Houston-based producer Jarylun Moore (known online as slater!), having been inspired by DJ Screw, began uploading remixes of popular songs using the technique to YouTube. The style became especially popular on YouTube, where it became common to play remixes over looping clips from retrofuturistic anime scenes.

Slowed And Reverb VGM/BGM?

In addition to popular songs, video game soundtracks have also been subjected to the slowed and reverb treatment, creating a unique listening experience for fans. CrystalFissure has been uploading these to his YouTube channel.

These remixes often enhance the nostalgic and atmospheric qualities of the original compositions, making them resonate even more deeply with gamers. This adaptation of video game music highlights the versatility of the slowed and reverb technique, as for example, it can transform high-energy tracks into soothing, ambient pieces that evoke a sense of tranquility and introspection, much like the effect seen in remixed hip-hop, house, ambient and pop songs.

Check out CrystalFissure’s playlist of Slowed & Reverb video game soundtracks below!