Toys For Bob confirm partnership with Microsoft – New Spyro game said to be in development

Jun 2, 2024 | Gaming News, Spyro News

Spyro 4 coming soon from Toys For Bob & Xbox

Toys For Bob, though no longer under the control Activision and now associated with Microsoft, has entered a partnership with Xbox for its upcoming game, which has been speculated as being Spyro 4.

In March, Toys For Bob declared its independence, breaking away from the constraints of working on Call of Duty titles and being tied to Activision, who industry insiders have suggested would consistently cancel, not greenlight and restrict projects. After this, reports emerged indicating that the studio had secured a collaboration deal with Microsoft, the very entity from which it had recently disengaged ownership. Recently, through its official X account, Toys For Bob officially acknowledged the signing of a publishing agreement with Xbox, although details beyond this were sparse. TFB said:

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with @Xbox to publish our next new game. We’re still very early in development, so you might not hear from us for a bit – but know that we’re working hard on an experience we’re so sooo inspired about! Can’t wait to share more 💜

Observant followers may have noticed the conspicuous hue of the tweet—predominantly purple—a color closely associated with Spyro the Dragon. Naturally, this led to widespread speculation among fans, eagerly anticipating a new Spyro the Dragon game. The previous incarnation of the logo was orange, very likely representing Crash Bandicoot. TFB recently wrapped up production of Crash Team Rumble, much earlier than anticipated.

Notably, Toys For Bob are renowned for their work on the Skylanders series and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, positioning them favorably to spearhead a new Spyro project. The collaboration with Xbox is a strategic move, considering the console manufacturer now holds the rights to the Spyro franchise following its acquisition of Activision.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Spyro 4 has been confirmed to be in development by Canadian Spyro enthusiast and YouTuber, Canadian Guy Eh. With insider contacts in the gaming industry, his affirmation adds further weight to the anticipation surrounding the potential return of the beloved dragon.

Canadian Guy remarked:

As of March 2024, I can confirm the statement that Spyro 4 is currently in development. It is being handled by Toys for Bob, with development starting in and around January 2024. Since Toys for Bob has transitioned to an independent status, they are now free to collaborate directly with Microsoft on projects, bypassing Activision’s bureaucracy and avoiding the risk of being reassigned to other larger Activision projects, as has occurred in the past. Over a dozen conversations with credible sources have corroborated this information.

This video was released on March 28th, 2024, months before the news about TFB and Microsoft working together officially dropped. Canadian Guy Eh adds:

However, it’s important to temper excitement with caution, as the project is in its very early stages. Given the volatility of the gaming industry, there’s a possibility of delays, cancellation, shelving, or significant alterations to the project. While the prospect of a new Spyro game is indeed thrilling, its release is not guaranteed. It’s crucial to recognize that circumstances may change over time. Ultimately, our collective hope is for Spyro 4 to materialize in a manner that aligns with Toys for Bob’s vision and ensures the well-being of all involved. Assuming all progresses smoothly, Spyro 4 is slated for release.

Ultimately, any fan has their own right to be skeptical about Spyro 4 being in development, however Canadian Guy Eh has no legitimate reason to lie about his sources, conversations etc. So take that information for what it is, and perhaps start to get excited for the future of Spyro!

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