What I Want To See in Spyro 4

Jul 10, 2024 | Gaming News, Spyro Analysis

Spyro 4 rumored to be in development

Spyro 4 is rumored to be in development. Toys for Bob have been working on a project that they haven’t been able to talk about, and many believe it to be Spyro 4. I’m personally of the belief that these sources (Canadian Guy Eh) are to be trusted, and I put a lot of faith in that. I decided to record a video about what I want to see from Spyro 4, and have prompted responses from fans to see what they want. 


First, let’s talk about the lore of the Spyro series leading up to the Legend of Spyro series. I think this is important when considering what we want to see in Spyro 4. The first category is story, which might not be as interesting to some, but we’ll get to gameplay soon.

We need to compare it to Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Crash Bandicoot 4 is a sequel to Crash Bandicoot 3, essentially ignoring the other games. Technically, it includes bits of canon from other games but mainly follows the timeline from Crash Bandicoot 3 to Crash Bandicoot 4.

With Spyro, it’s less complicated but still significant. You have Spyro 1, 2, and 3 on the PS1, then Spyro 4: Enter the Dragonfly, and games like Season of Ice, Season of Flame, and Attack of the Rhynocs as part of that canon. I’m not familiar with everything in the story, but I’ve played Season of Ice. I’d consider those games part of the same canon. Then there’s Spyro: A Hero’s Tail and Shadow Legacy, which are more like soft reboots.

Sequel Expectations

I want Spyro 4 to be a sequel to Spyro: Year of the Dragon. and that’s it. It doesn’t need to be a sequel to A Hero’s Tail, Shadow Legacy, or Enter the Dragonfly because those games don’t introduce new enemies or significant lore. They focus more on relationships, like Hunter and Bianca’s in the GBA games.

Crash 4 included small cameos from iconic characters like Crunch and elements from various games. Spyro should jump to Spyro 4 and continue from Spyro 3. You’ve got all these dragons that have hatched, so maybe they’ve grown up. A time jump would be cool, potentially aging Spyro to an early teen. It’s tricky because you have to address their aging in a way that doesn’t offend original fans. Part of Spyro’s charm is his cutesy, small size.


The biggest debate is whether Spyro 4 will be open-world. The traditional format is a home world with portals to levels. “If it aint’ broke don’t fix it.” Toys for Bob are ambitious developers, and there might be a compromise for a more open-world game while maintaining excellent level design.

A Hero’s Tail and Enter the Dragonfly had levels that were too large, which meant less variety in the level design. Smaller levels allow for more variance. In Spyro 2, for example, levels had opposite or similar themes. Spyro 1 had themed levels, and Spyro 3 had a bit of everything, which was chaotic but interesting.

An open world could work, maybe with a Jak & Daxter-style layout, having multiple smaller hub worlds with easier travel and fast warping. It could break up with conceptual mini-games, vehicles, and multiple playable characters.

Level Design

Spyro 4 could follow Crash Bandicoot 4’s theme variety, with seven or eight different themes. One massive hub world leading to a portal-based structure isn’t the worst idea. Does it matter if it’s a literal portal or a pathway to another world?

Having multiple hub worlds allows for more variety. For example, a futuristic cityscape hub could lead to levels like robotic farms, metropolis, and industrial outskirts. Smaller hub worlds with three levels and a boss or flight challenge could work well.


For music, it’s a no-brainer to get Stewart Copeland back. However, he might have evolved as a producer. Walter Mair, producer of the Crash Bandicoot 4 soundtrack did a great job blending classic and modern styles. I’d love to see him work on Spyro 4’s soundtrack.

Powerups, Combat & Abilities

I prefer Spyro 3’s sections where the supercharge powerup is embedded into the ground. They’re better than the actual gate, but the gate is fine too in the right capacity. 

Power-ups and abilities are great. People are always going to want combat, and that has evolved over the years. In the Legend of Spyro series, people did want combat. I’m always of the opinion to just keep it simple—the basic formula works. But a wing shield, a roll, a deflect, a punch, or something to break through armor could be interesting. So what would be the best way to implement combat effectively? I think keeping the controls simple, and then maybe getting creative with the power-ups, is a better idea than just giving Spyro ten different moves. 

Looking to the past

From my perspective, what I want Spyro 4 to be is something that pays tribute to its past while looking to the future. Maybe at first, there will be things in the new game that don’t match our childhood memories, but part of growing up is realizing that things change. Your childhood memories are memories for a reason.

That’s not me saying ditch the past or don’t acknowledge the good things, because I think Spyro 1, 2, and 3 are basically perfect games. They are incredible, and I want the new game to be as much like them as possible. But I’m also saying to keep an open mind about the new elements that are inevitably going to be introduced.

A lot of people didn’t love Crash 4. Aside from the difficulty curve, I thought they did a good job implementing new elements with the masks. I think Spyro can do the same, embracing new gameplay elements. Naturally, there may be some hesitation on my part and yours, but all I have to say is that I’m excited for Spyro 4. I’m very much excited to see what happens.

What do you want to see from Spyro 4? I’ve told you what I want to see. Leave a comment in the comment section on YouTube, and in a few weeks, I’ll get back to them and address them. 

What do fans want to see in Spyro 4?

Here are some truncated comments from my subscribers regarding what they want to see in Spyro 4:

“I’ve always wanted to see the concept of Dark Gems from a Hero’s Tail return. I thought it was a cool idea how they would change the landscapes and stuff. Other playable characters would be cool.”
– @Realdeal958

“Three things I want: levels similar to the first game, Copeland-style music (if that’s even possible), and instant portals.”
– @ECDT1089-EtheLamborghini

“They need to return hidden / egg thieves that you have to chase around or have them somewhere that you can’t get the, like the pink eggs from Spyro 1. & when mentioning crash 4 they need to make the alternate version of every level like they did with crash N. Verted mode or something.”
– @M9helghast

I personally wouldn’t really want to see Cynder at all… or any other spin-off character for that matter. I think it would show that Toys for Bob couldn’t come up with new original ideas for a new Spyro game, and instead just used a back-catalogue of already used concepts to draw from. Start something fresh… please? But who knows, maybe they could make it work, and that would be a pleasant surprise.”
– @nevets5

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